customLogoOur brains hurt!!!  We had four outstanding days of innovative learning with the Ed Tech Team who put on Quebec’s first Google Summit hosted by the Lester B. Pearson School Board at Lakeside High School in Lachine. The four days began with a PreSummit where participants were engaged in a number of sessions that included becoming a Google App Certified Teacher to learning the technical life of Google Apps and how to become an expert on YouTube.

Saturday and Sunday were absolutely amazing!  More than 500 participants arrived before 8:30 am on Saturday to begin their learning.  The buzz in the building was palpable!  It was incredible to be able to host such innovative and advanced professional development.  As we look back it is outstanding that we at LBPSB are pioneering Google Apps for Education.  We hosted the first Google Summit in Quebec and had participants from as far away as California.

The day began with a bilingual keynote by Lisa Galuga (@lisegaluga) who talked about how the lives of her young children are positively affected by technology.  It was an important context to begin the two days.

The summit sessions ran for 60 minutes and were jam packed with incredible ideas.  The enthusiasm in the rooms was incredible.  Participants were engaged and the talk between sessions was all about how to use what they learned in their classrooms.  People were connecting with like minded teachers from outside of their own school board.

A true sign of a successful conference is the fact that on Sunday the sessions were also jampacked!  Jennie Magiera (@msmagiera) was our keynote on Sunday morning and wowed the over 500 participants with her enthusiasm and expertise.

I attended the two day session on becoming a Google App Certified Teacher and was amazed at all that Google has to offer an educator.  Now it is time for me to explore those apps and to think about how they can be used in our classrooms to improve student learning.  One of the first that I would like to pursue is Google Sites.  I think that this offers teachers a wonderfully creative and not complex opportunity to have their students create individual blogs where they can share their learning and open their educational environment up to receive feedback from people all around the world.  What a wonderful vehicle to use to engage students and to reinforce learning!

Check out Jennie Magiera’s Blog: Teaching Like It’s 2999

We would love to hear what your great takeaways were from the summit.  Please comment below.

Kim Meldrum (DCP Consultant)