Following on from Part 1 of our series of blog posts on using GAFE and Creating Reflective Learners, Kim Meldrum, Educational Consultant at LBPSB, talks about using ScreenCastify in Part 2.

ScreenCastify is another Chrome app that can be used with students of all ages.  It is a powerful tool that allows students to explain their learning/creation process.   The student you are hearing in this link made a drawing with Google Draw and is explaining to me how he made it.  This is an example of how you can use Draw and ScreenCastify to provide opportunities for your students to learn how to verbalize the process of their learning.  Another suggestion would be to have your students create a screencast of them reading their written creation and self-checking for fluency.

ScreenCastify is an amazing tool to assist students in developing their oral language skills.  It is critically important for educators to remember that no matter what age our students are, reading and writing develops from strong oral language skills.